Income Inequality Signals Shrinking Lifestyle Disparity–John Tamny

In his March 3 Forbes article, Tamny posits,

  • …the simple, life-enhancing truth that when the wealth gap is increasing, that’s  a certain signal that the lifestyle gap is shrinking–rapidly.
  • …gaps in wealth drive creativity among the citizenry. (CF: ambition)
  • The baubles of the rich merely predict what we’ll all have.  (example of cell phones)
  • The wealth inequality driven by the amassed wealth of Steve Jobs, John Paulson, John Rockefeller, and so many others, results from the lifestyle enhancing products and services provided by them.

In sum, Rising inequality…”signals enterprise being rewarded, freedom to keep the fruits of one’s labor, and then for all of us not rich it signals that our lives are getting better and better; the lifestyle disparity between us and them (the rich) shrinking precisely because economic achievement is taking place.”

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