Tamny to Republicans–Just Act Like Republicans Again!

In his March 21, 2013 Forbes piece, Tamny makes great points:

  • Forget the deficit talk,…the crisis is the spending itself…the excessive federal consumption of our money.
  • Don’t advocate lower tax rates as a way to enhance revenue…there is nothing conservative about giving either party more money to waste.
  • Repubs should talk about making those who are near retirement whole, while promoting a freedom agenda, and an opt-out for future generations.
  • Repubs should advocate making all work legal–more workers means more growth; make citizenship a more distant object.
  • Repubs talk a good game when it comes to freedom, and should embrace it when it comes to marriage.
  • Repubs can’t disconnect between their ideals of limited government,¬†while advocating a worldwide military footprint.
  • Massive budgets for military and entitlement programs create dependency problems for both rich and poor alike.
  • The dollar devaluation is the cruelest tax of all; sound money begets powerful economic growth, and fosters trust in our government.

I’m wondering if libertarianism represents the best of the future of the Republican Party, as these ideas are decidedly freedom and free market, basic libertarain ideals.


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