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Tamny: Middle Class Tax Cuts Will Not Help the Middle Class

In Tamny’s March 3rd piece in Real Clear Markets, he takes issue with Hudson Institute fellow Jeffrey Anderson and his belief in middle class tax relief as the source of better economic times. Key Tamny points, all government spending is … Continue reading

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Tamny on Bush Economic Record (Hint: Not so Good)

Tamny piece in Realclearmarkets, April 30, 2013, “Without Excusing Obamanomics, Bushonomics Was a Dismal Failure” Tamny spares no political party when it comes to economic analysis.  This is making Clinton look like the best president since Reagan.  Who’da thunk it?! … Continue reading

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Mises Quotes, from the pages of Human Action

My friend Patrick Peterson has compiled many Mises quotes.  I love these regarding the importance of economics in our everyday lives… “Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders; no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by … Continue reading

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