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Tamny: Middle Class Tax Cuts Will Not Help the Middle Class

In Tamny’s March 3rd piece in Real Clear Markets, he takes issue with Hudson Institute fellow Jeffrey Anderson and his belief in middle class tax relief as the source of better economic times. Key Tamny points, all government spending is … Continue reading

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Let Jordan Speith Keep His Money!

Tamny in RealClearMarkets, Key points: If wealth redistribution is truly the goal, then the ideal scenario would be one in which Spieth holds on to as much of his Masters paycheck as possible. Assuming what seems observably untrue, that Spieth … Continue reading

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‘The Wrecking Crew’ and Lessons about Economics

Love this article on economic lessons from the music industry of the 50s and 60s.  As illustrated in Tamny’s book, Popular Economics, far from a dismal science, the lessons of economics surround us.        

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Government Is A Lousy Investor

John Tamny makes the point in his Forbes article, Oct 29, 2014, that even the savviest investors in the world would become blithering idiots when it comes their investments if they were in Government service, whether as politicians or bureaucrats. … Continue reading

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Tamny Admonition: Keep your class warrior hands off small business!

John Tamny article, Oct 6, 2013, “Sorry Class Warriors, Small Businesses Are Not The Backbone Of The U.S. Economy.” Key Points: Taking nothing away from small businesses, in most instances they’re merely an effect of the big businesses around which … Continue reading

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Income Inequality Signals Shrinking Lifestyle Disparity–John Tamny

In his March 3 Forbes article, Tamny posits, …the simple, life-enhancing truth that when the wealth gap is increasing, that’s  a certain signal that the lifestyle gap is shrinking–rapidly. …gaps in wealth drive creativity among the citizenry. (CF: ambition) The … Continue reading

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Tamny on the Future for Doctors When Healthcare is Free

From October 22, 2012 article by Tamny in Forbes: “Though medical advances have historically elongated life all the while making it more livable, and cheaper, politicians think healthcare is too expensive. Because they don’t like the cost of something they deem essential, … Continue reading

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Tamny Four, Basic Economic Principles

Tamny argues regularly in print about these four basic economic principles. Light taxation Free trade Little to no regulation Stable money  

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Freedom Manifesto, by Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames

An excellent review of this new book by John Tamny.

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“The 1930s and the 2000s: Government Barriers to Growth” — John Tamny

This speech was presented at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles in December of 2011. He posits that economies need only four things from government to grow and prosper: Light taxation Little to no regulation The ability to trade freely … Continue reading

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