Gas Lines v. Cancelled Insurance Policies

From Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Real Clear Markets, November 12, 2013, “Gas Lines and Cancelled Health Insurance Policies”

The real story is that the Administration estimated that nearly 100 million Americans would lose their health insurance, and yet the president feigns surprise today.

There is no end in sight to health insurance problems until the Administration lifts the restrictions and allows insurance companies to issue a variety of plans from which people can choose, subject to state approval.

Those who cannot afford health insurance should be offered refundable tax credits to purchase it themselves, so they can have the same choice of doctors and services as other Americans.  This has precedent…food stamps…

Back in the 1970s, the gas lines showed us that something was terribly wrong with government energy policy.  Now, the health insurance policy cancellations show us that something is terribly wrong with the Affordable Care Act. The solution is the same: lift the restrictions and let insurance companies sell health insurance.  Americans could have their health insurance back as soon as companies can get new policies approved.



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