Mont Hamilton Society

In 1947 Friedrich Hayek, an economist and social philosopher who later won the Nobel Prize, organized a meeting at Mt. Pelerin, a resort in Switzerland.  Classical liberalism had reached a low point, and Hayek convened a small group of economists and journalists for the purpose of preserving and developing free-market ideas and ideals.  The Mont Pelerin Society is now a large and prestigious international organization.

In 2009, a group of friends began to meet in San Jose for the purposes of improving their understanding of economic theory, applying it to current events and sharing their understanding with others.  In recognition of the example set by the Mont Pelerin Society, they decided to name their group the Mont Hamilton Society.  Members understand the realities of the business world and share an appreciation for free markets. The Society is not affiliated with the Mont Pelerin Society, any political party or any think tank.  Faculty from the Department of Economics at San Jose State University are frequent guests at Society meetings.

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