Tamny to GOP: Own it with Pride!

John Tamny in Real Clear Markets, October 1, 2013, “The GOP Should Aggressively Seek Credit For the Shutdown.”


…what’s the point of the Republican Party if it’s not regularly shutting down the federal government?  As the ‘responsible stewards of the people’s money,’ shutdown should be part of the GOP’s readily unsheathed arsenal of weapons meant to always be shrinking the size  and scope of our economy-asphyxiating federal government…negotiations over what the federal government should and should not do will always tilt in favor of the Party of Small given its willingness to pull the plug altogether.

Considering Obamacare’s defending, Republicans need to remind themselves that the promise of lower prices for a service in concert with a promise for more of that same service is a contradiction in terms.

They should remind voters that a government shutdown is not remotely a sacrifice for taxpayers who will tautologically benefit if the government they pay for is smaller, rather it’s a necessary sacrifice for a political class that has grown rich on the backs of hardworking Americans.

In short, the Republicans should aggressively own the shutdown for what it would say about them as a Party that gets both politics and economics.  If not, as in if the Republicans cave, what’s the point of electing Republicans?

Also interesting to hear that in the language of the government, the 800,00o workers that aren’t showing up for work today are deemed ‘non-essential,’ roughly 20% of the Federal workforce.  Seems making this permanent is a good place to start in moving toward smaller government.


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